History of CRW Consulting Engineers

Established in 1957 Colin R. & Associates now trading as CRW Consulting Engineers has been consulting the South Australian public for their structural engineering needs for over 50 years.

In 1957 Colin R. Walker & Associates registered as Consulting Engineers and occupied a premises in Croydon S.A. We then relocated to 193 West Terrace, Adelaide in 1959 as a higher profile was sought. In the early days without calculators, computers, photocopiers, plan printers, facsimiles, mobile phones and e-mails all calculations and drawings were completed by hand, honing the skills of the engineers.

Opportunities for turnkey projects for the design and construction of shopping centres and commercial buildings resulted in a unique Adelaide business being created that uniquely encompassed three disciplines under the one roof - consulting engineering, architecture and construction.


The 1960's saw us satisfy a high demand for soil reports by designing, building and using a special purpose drilling rig to efficiently obtain soil samples from building allotments.


Colin R. Walker & Associates designed and constructed many supermarkets, shopping centres, multi-storey apartments, urban developments with roads and services for allotments, banks, churches and domestic buildings. In the late 1990's both the architectural and the in-house construction parts of the business were sold.

With over 50 years of experience you can trust CRW Consulting Engineers for all of your structural engineering needs.

After 25 years and separating from the Architectural and Building companies, a younger team of qualified staff become responsible for our client's works, and our strength, character and professionalism bred deeply into the consulting engineering business resulting in our continued growth.


In 1996 our trading name was modernised and we are now known as CRW Consulting Engineers.

Our professionalism and commitment to our clients remains as it was when our company was founded.