Soil Testing & Footing Design

Footing design is an important structural step

Soil Testing

CRW Consulting Engineers specialise in site soil investigation and classification whether it be for those considering the purchase of a block of land to the full engineering design and documentation for new residences or additions to existing residences.

Footing Design

All work is designed in accordance with AS2870 "Residential Slabs & Footing Construction". Full engineering design & documentation reports can also incorporate stormwater disposal drawings, earthworks design and floor level nomination. Standard rafts, waffle rafts, strip footings are designed and Autocad drawn. Standard details are included in our reports.
CRW inspects footing construction

Footing Inspections

Footing inspections are undertaken at completion of excavation and prior to the placement of concrete to assess the reinforcement. A Certificate of Inspection (in accordance with the Footing Construction Report) is issued upon completion of inspections.